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Ahmet Bağ Farm

It is one of the biggest certified organic agriculture producer of the town. The farm that 3 generations live there at the same time has 85 decare area. 6 people (include children) live in the farm that traditional and organic agricultural methods ...

Canik / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Ali and Cennet Sener Farm

The family is one of the first families in Turkey that is engaged in certified ecological production and makes their living from tobacco and, since 1990, from ecological production. In the arm they deals with ecological viniculture, gardening, whe ...

Salihli / MANİSA / Aegean

Ali Kislak Forest

welcome to experience a forest philosophy by sharing a forest dream .
our farm is 45 km away from fethiye . our mission is to improve self-sufficiency and independence of all living things , create sustainable ecosystems for all living thin ...

Fethiye / MUĞLA / Aegean

Ali Koçak Farm

It is located on one of the best spots of the Eastern Anatolia. Nature tourism has been in planning for many years in the region and it has taken many recurring investments. Means of livelihood is generally agricult ...

Tortum / ERZURUM / Eastern Anatolia

Ali Taşköylü Farm


The farm is located in Sarıbeyler village. Farming is the main livelihood of the family. There are two buildings, a courtyard and a garden in the farm, where three generations live together (kids come in summer). Vo ...

Savaştepe / BALIKESİR / Marmara


The land of Aralcak which had be ...

Menemen / İZMİR / Aegean

Ata'dan Farm

I am not someone who just woke up and said "what am I doing here in the city, let's go back to the village". Life led me to my roots. I had to earn my life with agriculture, so I turned back to the land of my father after 22 years. Now I live toge ...

Bismil / DİYARBAKIR / Southeastern Anatolia

Ayhan Kaleli
The hosts, who returned to live in their hometown after retirement, own approximately 70 acres of land. The visitors stay in a village house area separated in to 
two sections, one called “Bağlık”, the other “Yukarı”. Beans, frui ...
Yusufeli / ARTVİN / Black Sea

Ayşe-Cengiz Genç

***Before applying to this host, make sure your profile page is completely filled and updated. Tell more about yourself and how you can contribute in your application note***

Fethiye / MUĞLA / Aegean

Bahri Kayıkçı Farm

This is one of the first families that accepted certification for organic agriculture in the region. The farmer, who has approximately 100 acres of land, grows many crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, clover, mulberries, wallnut. The family m ...

Şebinkarahisar / GİRESUN / Black Sea

Balabanağa Farm

Balabanağa Farm, situated in Daday province of Kastamonu, is named after Oğuzbalaban family which owns the place for almost 450 years. Farm land is approximately 100 acres and various vegetables and fruits are grown on 20 thousand square-meters. T ...

Daday / KASTAMONU / Black Sea

Bayrak Farm

The owner of the house, who is a retired teacher, and his wife live in the farm located in the hinterland of the Black Sea. Since 2005, the couple is engaged in ecological fruit growing including apple, quince, peach, cherry, pear, sour cherry, ...

Gümüşhacıköy / AMASYA / Black Sea

Belentepe Farm

Belentepe Natural Living & Permaculture Farm takes its name from the hill it is situated on: Belentepe. The farm is at the southwest outskirts of Uludağ Mountain in Bur ...

Osmangazi / BURSA / Marmara

Beşikçi Family Farm
The farm is one of the biggest certified organic agriculture producers in the region. The farm where three generations are living together is built on approximately 120 thousand square meters of land. 6 people, including children, live in the ...
Çarşamba / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Bilecik Zeytinlibogaz Permaculture Farm

Zeytinliboğaz Farm was established in 1970s. It is a family farm in which animal husbandry, fruit farming, vegetable farming, olive farming are being done. Since the owner of the farm got old, Zeytinliboğaz Farm was trans ...

Gölpazarı / BİLECİK / Marmara

Cevdet-Fatma Türk


Cevdet and Fatma Türk grow food in a very nature friendly way in Kemer village, 30 km away from mass tourism destination Bodrum. They have a wide range of products from olive to whe ...

Bodrum / MUĞLA / Aegean

Cevizbağı Farm

The host, Mr. Özcan Kulaksız, says he has planted the walnut seeds with his own hands many years ago and raised them like his children. He is practicing certified organic farming and wants to be a role model for his hometown Yelek. Request him to ...

Kaman / KIRŞEHİR / Central Anatolia

Chevrel Traher Farm
The hostess has been living in Turkey for 20 years. Previously she worked on a larg ...
Kurtköy / YALOVA / Marmara

Çalatlı Farm

The farm is situated on a large piece of land, three families with their children are engaged in agriculture and stock farming. The main means of livelihood in the region are culture farming (wheat, corn, cotton) and farming of citrus fruits. In t ...

Kozan / ADANA / Mediterranean

Demirer Family Farm

The farm is on 110 hectares of land. They plant 10 hectares each of cherries, apples and  walnut trees, and wheat, barley and feed for animals on the rest of the farm. All the products are certificated and farmed organically and sold in ...

Şebinkarahisar / GİRESUN / Black Sea

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