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Çalatlı Farm

The farm is situated on a large piece of land, three families with their children are engaged in agriculture and stock farming. The main means of livelihood in the region are culture farming (wheat, corn, cotton) and farming of citrus fruits. In t ...

Kozan / ADANA / Mediterranean

Demirer Family Farm

***Temporarily closed until Spring 2019*** The farm is on 110 hectares of land. They plant 10 hectares each of cherries, apples and  walnut trees, and wheat, barley and feed for animals on the rest of the farm. All the products are certificate ...

Şebinkarahisar / GİRESUN / Black Sea


The family returned to their home town Çamlıhemşin from Istanbul in ’92 and first lived in a tiny lodge, without using money. Then they moved to their current location where they also have a guesthouse. Ekodanitap is locat ...

Çamlıhemşin / RİZE / Black Sea

Elbademi Farm

Elbademi Farm is situated in Çukurbağ Village, which is 500 metres high, between the ancient cities of Phellos and Antiphellos (Kaş), on the ancient Lycian road. The sea is reached by a 10 minute car ride. The most importa ...

Kaş / ANTALYA / Mediterranean

Fadime-Kaplan Zülfikargil

Our farm, 2 km away from Ilıpınar Village, is in the middle of a pine forest and surrounded by olive and pomegranate orchards. Ilıpınar is a former Greek village and is named after the spring still running through the village (pınar means spring i ...

Foça / İZMİR / Aegean

Farge Organik

We are looking for enthusiastic people to work with us in our organic farm in Kocaeli, Turkey

After a long search for a life in harmony with the nature, away from the bustling city, we found ourselves in the untouched village of İzmit, F ...

İzmit / KOCAELİ / Marmara

Fatma Gülbin


House-owners spare a quad-room in their house for the visitors from TaTuTa. Principal source of living is ecological beekeeping. Toilet and bathroom are inside the house and meals must be eaten with the family. The ...


Flora Mediterranean Garden

The farm is 30 minutes away from Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by Calabrian pine forest. Due to its altitude and location, the humidity and heat of Mediterranean felt in the summer is not effective as in the coast. The nearest house to th ...

Kemer / ANTALYA / Mediterranean

Forester Ali Farm

A mother and her son live on this farm in the Eastern Mediterranean area. The farm house was built by the family themselves 11 years ago, and they accept volunteers all year around. They need help with gardening, maintenance,fencing, and pickin ...

Kadirli / OSMANİYE / Mediterranean

Furma Farm

Sadan Tutuncu has decided to leave working as executive and moved to his farm in Karaburun, Bozkoy in early 2016. His aim is to have a sustainable life and to build food forests. He first planted pomegrenates in Karaburun, Yaylakoy in 2011 which i ...

Karaburun / İZMİR / Aegean

Gağgı Farm

We are looking for long term volunteers, perferably couples, as well as short term volunteers who would like to share our life and help us with ongo ...

Bayındır / İZMİR / Aegean

Gökada Farm

Gokada Ciftligi is a small farm located in Ayvalik/Kucukkoy, a coastal town on the Aegean sea in Turkey. Our farm is set in an olive orchard with 125 very old and beautiful trees. We’re interested in organic olive and olive oil production wh ...

Ayvalık / BALIKESİR / Aegean

Gursel Tonbul Farm

The farm is located very close to  the Aegean touristic region. It is built on a land about 3000 square meters. There is a museum, guest house, restaurant, stall, pond and a production facility on the land. Both on open areas and in gre ...

Kuşadası / AYDIN / Aegean

Gürcan-Filiz Durmazbilek
Gürcan and Filiz Durmazbilek* live on Avşa Island. Tourism and fishing are the main livelihood of the island population. Gürcan's land is special, he grows food on the terraces he has built with his stonemason father years ago, within wild plants, bu ...
Avşa / BALIKESİR / Marmara

Hakan Yazıcılar

Hakan Yazıcılar and his family live in Boğatepe (also known as Zavot) village in Kars, at an altitude of 2300 m. The family, with their roots in Caucasus, have been dealing with cattle breeding as livelihood for many generations. Their special Zav ...

Merkez / KARS / Black Sea

Hasbi Alkan

Hasbi Alkan's organic farm is located in Yağcılar village of Urla, İzmir. I love organic farming and will regularly teach volunteers on how to do organic farming, grow food, take care of land, vineyard, and gardens. In cold months volunteers will ...

Urla / İZMİR / Aegean



Bodrum / MUĞLA / Aegean

Hıdır Murat Bağ Farm

The cultivated area in the farm is 25 acres. The farm is surrounded by green forests, uses traditional and organic agriculture methods and produces hazelnut, chestnut, plum, pear, and quince. It is located inside the vill ...

Canik / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Hindiba Nature House

Hindiba is located in East Marmara Region, in Bolu City. It is next to the Yedi Göller (Seven Lakes) National Park. The houses and the garden is seated on a 3,5 acres of land. Next to the main campus, there is a big camping area. They grow vegetab ...

Mengen / BOLU / Black Sea

Huseyin Saydam Farm

The owner father, mother and daughter host their TaTuTa guests in a room for 3 people in their house. The toilet is Turkish style and it is out of the house. Heater is available for warm water. Meals can be eaten with the family, however according ...

Pasinler / ERZURUM / Eastern Anatolia

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