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Huseyin Saydam Farm

The owner father, mother and daughter host their TaTuTa guests in a room for 3 people in their house. The toilet is Turkish style and it is out of the house. Heater is available for warm water. Meals can be eaten with the family, however according ...

Pasinler / ERZURUM / Eastern Anatolia

Hüseyin Genç Farm

The host couple had restored a lime covered brick and wooden village house in their home town. Agriculture is a common activity around the area where the farm is located and there are plenty of fruit trees as well as seasonal garden plants. Tra ...

Yapraklı / ÇANKIRI / Central Anatolia

Imece Evi

Imece Evi was established with the aim of finding an answer to the question “Is a collective, plain and ecological life in peace possible?” They aim to be an eco-village attracting more supporters in order to achieve this ...

Menemen / İZMİR / Aegean

Istafil Bio-dynamic Agriculture Farm

Our farm is situated in İhsaniye which is one of the villages of the biggest town of Istanbul named Çatalca. It is at the secluded corner of an oak tree forest. The name of our farm is Istafil. I bet most of you do not know what it means. But my r ...

Çatalca / İSTANBUL / Marmara

Itaatli Farm

The farm is one of the largest in the Çıralı community to convert to organic farming in 1998. Despite their initial lack of expertise and continuing difficulties in selling their crop, they are a family which does not give up on organic production ...

Kemer / ANTALYA / Mediterranean

İbrahim Ohan Farm

The farm is located in the smallest village of the peninsula. Due to its location, humidity and heat are felt more slightly. The host is a local and works hard to promote the popularity of his village and ecological farming. In his land almond ...

Datça / MUĞLA / Aegean

İsmail Taş Farm

İsmail Taş is in the management board of the organic producers association in his region and is mainly engaged in hazelnut production. Fruits and vegetables are also produced for the family’s own consumption. There is a hazelnut garden of ...

Terme / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Jade Farm

Jade is the name of the hostess' Circassian family line. The hostess has been farming ecologically since 2001 on her 180,000 m2 land. Her quince, apple, plum, vegetable and other crops are all certified organic. The region where Circassian ...

Söğütlü / SAKARYA / Marmara

Kapor Farm

The farm is located in Cappadocia, an area with unique geological, historic, and cultural features. Agriculture, livestock, tourism, carpet weaving, and pottery are main means of livelihood in the region which has continen ...

Avanos / NEVŞEHİR / Central Anatolia

Kızılkaya Yenidünya Association Farm

Kızılkaya Yenidünya Derneği is located in the middle of two (Mersin Tepeleri , Bolkar Dağları) of 305

important natural ares in our country. İn a ...

Toroslar / İÇEL / Mediterranean

Knidia Farm

***NO VOLUNTEERS ACCEPTED, ONLY FOR GUEST VISITS*** In the farm, there is a vineyard for wine production, various fruit and olive trees are grown, and vegetables are grown for use in their own kitchen. Olive oil, carob molasse and wine are process ...

Datça / MUĞLA / Aegean

Köyüm Sürmeli - Kazım Tuncay

Sürmeli village organic agriculture and eco-tourism project is being run by Sürmeli women movement. This project is supported by 19 Mayıs University, Bafra Municipality, Bafra Agriculture Directorate and Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The proje ...

Bafra / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Latif Yalciner Farm

The owner hosts TaTu Ta guests in his houses in three different locations. 2 rooms for 4 people in his first house in the fruit garden, 2 rooms for 2 families in his second house opposite his first house and 2 rooms for a total of 10 people in his ...

Kemaliye / ERZİNCAN / Eastern Anatolia

Lisinia Wild Life Rehabilitation Centre

The host is passionate about ecological living. He has founded his settlement in the hinterland of Mediterranean Sea. The nearby Lake Burdur adds to the charm of this place. The host Öztürk Sarıca is a vet and he welcomes everyone to the wild life ...

Merkez / BURDUR / Mediterranean

Lütfü Keçeci Farm

The landlord, a carpenter by trade, lives in one of the most beautiful places in the Eastern Black Sea region with his wife and children. The region is very rich for nature tourism as it has warm weather in winter and hot weather in summer. The ...

Yusufeli / ARTVİN / Black Sea

Macahel Pansiyon


Macahel Pansiyon is a village guesthouse which can accommodate 20 guests in 10 rooms.

Turks ...

Borçka / ARTVİN / Black Sea

Mehmet Demirtas Farm

The hosts are following ecological principals on the farm, which is close to the archaelogical site of Sagalassos. They grow cherries, walnuts, vegetables, grains and have some livestock. Mr. and Mrs. Demirtas can accommodate up to four guests ...

Ağlasun / BURDUR / Mediterranean

Mother of Love Farm

It was a retirement dream for pediatrician Tamer and voice instructor Şadan to live in nature. The day we retired we migrated to nature. We fall in love with 1.25 acres of forest land which you couldn’t walk in it. We cleaned the land withou ...

Urla / İZMİR / Aegean

Muhtar Farm
Owner of the farm hasd been actively  growing ecologic hazelnut since 1993. Family  is growing their own kitchen stock  requirements in their vegetable garden as well as organic certified hazelnut in their 40 acres of land. Bes ...
Terme / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Murat Kahveci Farm

The farmer is in the management board of the organic producers association in his region and is mainly engaged in hazelnut production. Fruits and vegetables are also produced for the family’s own consumption. There is a hazelnut garden of ...

Terme / SAMSUN / Black Sea

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