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Mustafa Akbulut Farm

The farmer is the chair of the Yuksek Yayla Agricultural Development Cooperative in his region where the main product is hazelnuts. Enough fruits and vegetables are produced for the family and visitors. The size of the hazelnut field is 15 acre ...

Terme / SAMSUN / Black Sea

Mustafa and Ayse Sener Farm

Tekelioğlu: The first ecological agriculture village in Turkey

This family is one of the first in Turkey to farm ecoloically, and have been doing so since 1989. While they make their living from grapes and olives they also produce th ...

Salihli / MANİSA / Aegean

Narköy Farm

Narköy is an organic farm and a training center which is situated in near the Black Sea, 1.5 hours from Istanbul.
We are experimenting a natural life, with organic farming, animals, vegetation and people, all in their natural cycle. For 4 y ...

Kandıra / KOCAELİ / Marmara

Necmi Nacak

The host is an ecological market farmer who has set his heart on certified organic farming for a long time. His agricultural production field that he manages with his son is 150 decares and total land size is 600 decares. Many kinds of vegetables ...

Beypazarı / ANKARA / Central Anatolia



Ormanevi is ...

Biga / ÇANAKKALE / Marmara

Ormanya Food Forest Project

FEB-MAR: Pruning, making mulch, tree care APR: Grafting, making compost, preparing the seedlings, tree care/watering MAY: Planting, preparing for grafting, land infrastructue works (permaculture), tree care ...

Ayvacık / ÇANAKKALE / Aegean

Oya Ayman

The host, Oya Ayman, is located on a mountainous area, 70 km away from İzmir. Oya grows medicinal herbs such as lavender, sage, rosemary besides summer vegetables. She lives in an off-grid stone house, generatin ...

Bayındır / İZMİR / Aegean

Pastoral Vadi

This is a special place for people tired of city life who want to make their dream of living in nature come true. It is beside a stream which runs  through the middle of a valley surronded by pine forest. ...

Fethiye / MUĞLA / Aegean

Rasayana Farm


Since 1998 the family has been drying, processing and selling the medicinal herbs and plants that they gather from and grow in ...

Geyikbayırı / ANTALYA / Mediterranean

Recep Kantar Farm

It is located in one of the best spots of the Eastern Anatolia. Nature tourism planning has been active for many years in the region and it has taken many recurring investments. Means of livelihood is generally agriculture and livestock in the ...

Uzundere / ERZURUM / Eastern Anatolia

Refikler Farm

We started working with the awareness that we are coming from a society that produces oppression, hierarchy, and unfair privileges in order to create a just and an equality-based community. In the spring of 2012, we settle ...

Fethiye / MUĞLA / Aegean

Sardunya Pansiyon

The hostess settled down in Datça from Istanbul with her sibling and they live partly in the farm and partly in Istanbul. Sardunya Pansiyon is loc ...

Datça / MUĞLA / Aegean

Selman Aksu

Based in one of Blacksea’s idyllic locations, the farm produces ecological corn and fi for an organic dairy producer since 2004. The farm also raises livestock and produces vegetables to supply for its own needs. The guests are hosted in the ...

Kelkit / GÜMÜŞHANE / Black Sea

Serim Farm

Living in the nature, on the border of Salihler which is one of the closest villages to Çanakkale center, Recep and Zehra Serim are definitely young at heart. They want to spend more time on farming and need the ass ...

Merkez / ÇANAKKALE / Marmara

Sevinç Abla

Sevinç and Hüsamettin Özkaya are a hardworking couple. Two other members of the family, mother Hafizes (both with the same name), help the couple despite their age. The family has a wide range of produce including apples, olive, wheat, vegetables, ...

Bayramiç / ÇANAKKALE / Marmara

Suri Vineyard House

I have worked as a manager in professional chambers, in the service industry and in sports clubs during my working life.
Having had the news of Dear Victor’s death in 2011, I heard about Buğday Association and TaTu ...

Yunus Emre / MANİSA / Aegean

Süleyman Orhan Farm

The host is the mukhtar (village head) of the village. Situated in Mid-Anatolia, this village is waiting to be discovered. Oak forests around the village hosts partridges and rabbits. Flamingos, ruddy shelducks, cranes and ducks can be ...

/ KAYSERİ / Central Anatolia

Şaban Burhan Farm

The host is one of the first farmers of the 100% Ecological Markets in Istanbul. His land is about 20 hectares on which certified organic farming has been practised since 2001. All activities of the farm are about agricultural production. Workload ...

Karacabey / BURSA / Marmara

Tanal Family Farm

The family is engaged in certified ecological farming and livestock on a meadow in Mediterranean since 1996. They have got a rich and tasteful cuisine. Beside their rich production, they provide the lacking products from other farms and offer a ve ...

Elmalı / ANTALYA / Mediterranean

Three Palms

***Not accepting volunteers until further notice***

Three Palms – A permaculture project

Wanted - Help on a permaculture start up project growing all kinds of fruit trees & orga ...

Seydikemer / MUĞLA / Aegean

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