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Yarışkaşı Mansion

The host, runs his business with his wife. The family is passionate about ecological living. They sell their home-made tarhana (dried food for making soup), preserved foods and hand-crafts. They grow various vegetables for their own need, ...

Mudurnu / BOLU / Black Sea

Yavuz Özden

The main income of the farm that is placed in the west Blacksea comes from beekeeping. They also grow vegetables by ecological methods for their own usage. Mr. Özden is a retired banker who returned to his village to have ...

Şenpazar / KASTAMONU / Black Sea

Yeniköy Farm

The farm is located in a beautiful landscape. It generally snows in winter and the main source of income in the region is animal breeding and agriculture. In the farm of 20 acres, many courses and seminars are arranged as well as permaculture and ...

Bayramiç / ÇANAKKALE / Marmara

Yoga Farm

The farm is located in a forest surrounded by trees of European-Siberian temperature zone. It is relatively distant and isolated from the town centre. It has about 35 acres of area. 10 acres of the total area is used for agriculture. There are ...

Yalova / YALOVA / Marmara

Yonca Lodge

Yonca Lodge is a 14-room small/boutique hotel located on the beach in Yaniklar village outside Fethiye. Not only does it lie in sight of the Mediterranean's most beautiful islands and bays but, with the beach on one side, it also ...

Fethiye / MUĞLA / Mediterranean

Yusuf Coskun Farm

After travelling many countries around the world by seamanship, the owner of the farm returned to his homeland as he couldn’t find anywhere else his neighbourhood’s sincerity, serenity and diverse wildlife; and decided to start ...

Hemşin / RİZE / Black Sea

Yüksel Baba Farm

The host is a leading farmer of the village. They are cheerful, knowledgeable people who love sharing, dedicated many years to agriculture and feed themselves from the soil. Various vegetables and fruit trees are grown in their garden. They also g ...

Merkez / SİNOP / Black Sea

Yüksel Erdoğan

The farm owner and his/her father who opens the top floor of their house to the guests, are one of the wooden spoon artists in Turkey. Carving of various objects compose a part of their income. There are two rooms in each ...

Şenpazar / KASTAMONU / Black Sea

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