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Istafil Bio-dynamic Agriculture Farm

Our farm is situated in İhsaniye which is one of the villages of the biggest town of Istanbul named Çatalca. It is at the secluded corner of an oak tree forest. The name of our farm is Istafil. I bet most of you do not know what it means. But my roots are coming from Çatalca and they were known as patriot people who can speak Greek language between themselves so from my childhood I remember this word which means ‘grape’. So it means ‘Grape Farm’.

I discovered this place about 3 years ago by chance and I said immediately this is the place where I want to be. The center of the village is 2 km and you can catch a bus all the time to go to the center of Çatalca which takes 20 minutes and then anywhere you like. Çatalca takes for about 1 hour from the center of Istanbul.
I was in abrasive production business for 23 years and we bred English origin racehorses for a long time. But I always kept the idea of having an organic farm at the corner of my heart. When my consultant Mrs.Nurhayat Bayturan mentioned me about the branch of organic agriculture, which is bio-dynamics, without a hesisation even for a moment I said that’s what I want to do.

Bio-dynamic agriculture is very interesting. You do not make only with cosmic rhythms but also your senses and body involves in it. We work very hard everyday from early in the morning but finish about two o’clock in the afternoon. There is no place for laziness! Our farm is established on 16.550 m2 area. We have 10 greenhouses. Also we use outer plots from May till the end of October for sowing. We have a big orchard, apple garden and vineyard. They are at the stage of growing. We constructed a wooden cottage last month to keep our bio-dynamic preps and to produce them with a background garden where we grow up biodynamic plants.

We have sheep fold which holds only 10 sheep at present. We have dogs of course. We are planning to keep hens, rooster and a cow for 2016. We anchor the soil and water on regular basis. We give food and water and shepard the sheep on the meadows. We use our biodynamic preps on right days. We make everything with the sowing calender at the farm (e.g. sowing seeds, transplanting, harvesting, etc.)

As our farm is in the middle of the forest we have no electricity. But we have solar energy and a well to supply water. W e have a prefabric house where the guest may stay with my household. It is 100m2 and consist of 2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a shower with WC. We have wi-fi and tv. Apart from Turkish we can speak English, Hebrew and Russian.

Our farm is situated in silence so ideal for meditation. Sometimes we have guests who comes for reiki treatment. There is a small river running just at the outer skirts of the farm although the water gets less in summer times it is great to sit and relax there.

JUN-SEP: Applying organic pesticide, spreading manure, garden and greenhouse works, picking fruits and vegetables MID SEP: Planting saplings, winter preparations, greenhouse cleaning EQUINOX (SEP 22): Bio-dynamic preparations

When Can You Visit Istafil Bio-dynamic Agriculture Farm ?
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Type of Tasks Gardening-Farming,Animal Care,Production/Processing/Packing
Features Agriculture/Horticulture/Gardening,Eco-Friendly Energy,Livestock Farming/Beekeping,Certified Organic Agriculture