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LATEST NEWS (19/4/2018): This summer, the construction of the earthbag house that we finished its groundwork and basement last year, will constitute the most important part of our work pace (between first of may. And 15 th july) This delightful process, in which we will also benefit from the books of Kakan Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer, requires physical power at the same time. For this reason, we want volunteers who will be able to give the physical labor sincerely required for homemaking, and who are more or less inclined to these kind of work. In the earthbag house construction technique, the walls of the house are built by sacks which are filled with the previously prepared soil and in each row ,the form is settled by crushing these soil filled sacks. To be able to make the house making process as pleasant as possible, we will work in the morning and evening chill. We expect fellows who are friendly, positive, energetic, and who can turn this physical challenge into a learning experience and joy.

As Aralcak we can host max. 2 friends and we wish them to stay with us minimum 15 days.

The land of Aralcak which had been abandoned 40 years ago, came to life again with Halime and Cüneyt’s coming at 13th of April 2013. Halime & Cüneyt has taken root at a new life as like as the seeds and the threes which they planted on that soil. Their aim is to escape from being a person in the system and to create a sustainable life in peace with the nature. In the direction of this aim, they started to use 0.1 hectare of the land as vegetable garden and planted fruit and forest trees to 11 hectares (250 trees has been planted till now). This happened without chemicals and with minimum interference to the soil, which had been untouched for 40 years. Now they grow more than half of their food need. They share their land with the chickens, two cats, one dog, two geese and 3 beehives. They use solar energy, and spring water from the forest.

Aralcak is situated in Turgutlar Köyü which is within Menemen / İzmir. The altitude is 450 m. Some distances from Aralcak by car;
25 km to Menemen, 20 km to Manisa, 45 km to İzmir. There is a waterfall 2 km away. The valley hosting Aralcak is surrounded by oak and pine trees.

The stone house of the host have 1 bedroom and 1 living room (including kitchen). They host their guests in living room or in tent. They have already started to build an earthbag house and finished the base part and preparations. The earthbag house construction will continue from May 2018. Guests will be hosted there when it is finished.

Their needs change according to the season but generally they need help for construction works for the earthbag house, gardening, farming works, animal care, “end of summer works” (making sauce, canning and drying food, making pickles etc), cleaning communal areas (kitchen, bathroom, etc), cooking, and sharing knowledge about permaculture, sustainable living, farming.

Turkish and English are spoken in Aralcak.

MAR: Growing seedlings in the polytunnel, preparing the garden, animal care APR: Garden works, maintenance and repair, earthbag house construction, animal care MAY: Garden works, maintenance and repair, earthbag house construction, animal care, hoeing JUN: Garden works, earthbag house construction, animal care, tree care, watering JUL-AUG: Garden works, animal care, tree care, watering, harvest and processing SEP-OCT: Harvest and processing, animal care, picking woods, maintenance and repair, preparing the winter garden

When Can You Visit Aralcak ?
Volunteer Guest
Type of Tasks Gardening-Farming,Animal Care,Housework,Maintanence,Production/Processing/Packing
Features Local Seed/Traditional Production,Eco-Friendly Architecture,Agriculture/Horticulture/Gardening,Eco-Friendly Energy,Livestock Farming/Beekeping,Compost/Recycling