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Farge Organik

We are looking for enthusiastic people to work with us in our organic farm in Kocaeli, Turkey

After a long search for a life in harmony with the nature, away from the bustling city, we found ourselves in the untouched village of İzmit, Fethiye. Since 2016, our farm has been growing with agricultural production and related constructions. We produce vegetables, fruits, micro greens, farm animals, eggs, honey, seedling, sapling and pot plants appropriate to organic agriculture regulations. Our purpose is to produce and sell these products on local organic markets and on internet, so that we can support a simple and peaceful life that we have always dreamt of. It would be our pleasure to see like minded nature loving individuals to join us in our humble dream.

We have lots of daily chores that are required to be done in our farm. For example you can help us on our vegetable field or greenhouses to gather products and planting. We also have works for people who like painting, fixing etc. So I’m sure there is a job suitable for anyone. We would never ask anyone to do something that they don’t find appealing to them and we try to find a different work for everyday so you don't get bored by doing same work everyday. If you tell us a bit about yourself and what you are hoping to gain from this experience, i am sure we will find the most convenient and comfortable way for you to help us in the farm.

We have one big bedroom -4 twin bunks separated by curtains (4-8 people)-, a kitchen, a living room and a small bathroom just for visitors. We expect from visitors to cook their own meals and clean their room. Of course we provide all ingredients. So you'll be able to taste all of our organic fruits and vegetables.

We are living and working with peasants in the farm. Some of these people have never experienced a city life. So it’s a great opportunity to meet with these amazing people and have a glance of their pure, vivid life and their point of view of the world. Turkey is still unaware of the benefits and importance of the organic agriculture. There is a very settled understanding about the producing stage. So you can witness the change that we are trying to make and get a idea of how it was and what it could possibly be in the future.

There are plenty of amazing experiences helpers can have in their free times! Helpers can have forest hikes, swim in a lake, camps and visits to the city center. Our farm is very close to the city center that it only takes 1 hour to arrive with bus and the bus passes in front of our farm three times a day. Helpers can also spend their weekends in İstanbul which is only two hours away from our village. In summer time, it’s possible to wakeboard in the Cable Park which is only a 45 minutes away from our farm by bus and you can also take a trip to Black Sea to visit the incredible beaches and swim. In winter you can go to Kartepe that is two hours away for the winter sports.

JAN: Cutting graft, animal care, farm care FEB: Growing seedlings, cutting graft, animal care, farm care MAR: Seedling care, animal care, farm care APR: Tilling, planting, installing irrigation system, picking wild herbs, animal care, farm care MAY: Vegetable harvest, planting, picking wild herbs, animal care, farm care, potted plant care JUN: Tilling,  vegetable harvest, planting, animal care, farm care JUL: Tilling, vegetable harvest, planting, animal care, farm care, growing seedlings AUG: Food preserving, picking nuts, tilling,  vegetable harvest, planting, animal care, farm care, growing seedlings SEP: Food preserving, picking wild herbs, tilling, vegetable harvest, planting, animal care, farm care, growing seedlings OCT: Picking wild herbs, vegetable harvest, planting, animal care, farm care NOV: Greenhouse preparation, planting saplings, pruning, vegetable harvest, planting, animal care, farm care DEC: Cutting graft, animal care, farm care, cutting wood

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Volunteer Guest
Type of Tasks Gardening-Farming,Animal Care,Housework,Maintanence,Production/Processing/Packing
Features Local Seed/Traditional Production,Agriculture/Horticulture/Gardening,Livestock Farming/Beekeping,Certified Organic Agriculture,Compost/Recycling